Adult Theater Classes

We love our adult classes and offer many different classes for adults.

Whether you miss taking classes, being on stage, want to try something new.  We offer a fabulous enviroment for adults to learn!

For Adults, we offer two great ways to pay for class! 

We have drop in rates for classes and we offer a discount to those who purchase a Class Punch Card. 





Acting Classes

Adult - Intro to Acting

Do you want to act, but you are not sure where to start? This six-week class is designed specifically for the beginning actor and will teach you the fundamentals of the craft. The class highlights quick and powerful ways to make your performance natural and spontaneous. Discover the building blocks of acting through improvisation, theatre exercises and character work.


Classes are 1 Hour, once a week.  Tuition:  $60 for 6 week course.




Adult  Acting Class 

This class is for those who wish to learn or brush up on the  fundamentals of acting and want to further develop their skills. This class prepares you for stage or film!  This class also focuses on Improv and comedy to Musical theater and stage  classics!   This class also utilizes current commerical and film scripts, as well as improve, to help actors feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. 


Classes are 1 Hour.  Tuition:  $12 per class (drop in)  or $8 per class with pre-purchased class punch card.





Adult - Improv

Improvisation has become one of the entertainment industry's and workplace's most asked-for skill.  You can see actors who got their start in improvisation in today's most popular movies, television shows, and national commercials and leaders of business with improv training in their background.  Being able to think quickly on your feet, stay in the moment, and to roll with any sudden changes makes any person a better performer and at social interactions.


Skills that will make you more confident, creative, and help you think quicker on your feet and make you better at:

-  Public speaking and social situations

-  Different ways to generate ideas, and never "go blank" again

-  Give yourself stage presence in any situation

-  Create a strong unscripted improv scene and show starting from nothing

-  Strengthen your sense of humor and comedic timing

-  Actively listen and react in the moment and thus become a stronger performer and person.


No prior improv or performing experience is necessary. This is a great class for learning to be a better public speaker in public or for your career.


Classes are 1 Hour, once a week.  Tuition:  $12 per class (drop in)  or $8 per class with pre-purchased class punch card.




Set Design & Stage Tech  (10 Years to Adult)

This class is designed for those who wish to be creative off the stage, as a scenic designer or Stage crew/lighting/sound.  Students will learn how to analyze a script, create a rough sketch of the floor plan and adapt a scale rendering to a three-dimensional model.   The class will also teach different lighting sets for stage and film, as well as designing props and running the sound booth.


Set Design & Stage Tech (10  years to Adult)


Workshop Class - Please inquery for class dates/times.

Stage Costuming/Make-up  (10 years to Adult)

This is an exciting class that dives into the world of costume design and make-up application for Stage for both actors, dancers, and other performers.  Whether it's for a Broadway musical or a Shakespearean production, the art of Theatre Costume Design is of paramount importance in telling a story and an arena for great invention and spectacular feats of the imagination. Costumes, jewelry, accessories, and décor must be compelling, relevant, and historically accurate. Learn to create the ultimate wardrobe for characters in theatre, film, television, and video.  Students will learn real world makeup techniques that they can use for stage.  Also, we explore television makeup, as well as makeup for film, photography,  and special effects.  The student learns to create a professional stage makeup for a variety of characters and roles plus knowledge of makeup materials, tools and techniques.


Stage Costuming/Make-up  (10 years to Adult)


Workshop Class - Please inquery for class dates/times.

Vocal/Music Classes

Adult Private Lessons

We offer private lessons on an appointment basis for Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Horns, Woodwinds, and Drums.

Lessons are offered as 30 minute or 1 hour lessons.  Please call our office and inquire more info.





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